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Skål AB is a brand new on-demand alcohol delivery service that offers deliveries throughout the country within 2 hours. Skål drivers can pick when and where they work (where service is available). Deliveries will take place during the normal business hours of Systembolaget (Mon-Fri  10.00-19.00 and Sat 10.00-15.00). We are currently looking to find drivers in Stockholm County!

What you’ll need to have:

  • Smartphone 2016 version or newer

  • Access to a Car, Bike, or Moped.

  • Valid driver’s license and Insurance if registering with car or moped.

  • Have a Personnummer or a valid coordination number issued by the Swedish Tax Agency.

  • Swedish Bank account

  • No experience is necessary

If you're interested in this opportunity, please download the driver app to register now!

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